New Motorcycle Gear for Old Bikes

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The Matrix kevlar jacket from Alpinestars is just the new motorcycle gear you need if you want to look good riding your old bike.
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This high output starter produces more than enough power to get an old Honda CBX going.
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GIVI offers a full line of soft luggage, including this magnetic tank bank.
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Nobody know more about clutches for vintage motorcycles than Barnett.
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Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment will help you overcome problems associated with ethanol-infused gasoline.
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K&N Filters sells a full line of air filters, including these for Honda CB750 Fours.

Those of us who ride old bikes know we love them and have every reason to. But finding good parts and accessories can sometimes be a challenge. The following products are from companies that have stepped up to meet it.

Alpinestars Matrix Kevlar Jacket

Alpinestars has just introduced the new Matrix Kevlar jacket. Designed with urban riders in mind, the new Matrix is made of breathable cotton, Kevlar reinforced internally and treated for weather resistance and durability. It features adjustable, lightweight, CE certified protectors in the elbows and shoulders for excellent impact protection, and they can be removed for casual use. The Matrix also features a removable mesh liner and a soft, knitted collar, wrist and waist, three exterior pockets and one interior pocket. $199.95. More info: Alpinestars

K&N Pod Filters for Honda Fours

K&N Filters list a full complement of filters specifically made to fit vintage motorcycles, such as round tapered universal air filters for 1969-1978 Honda CB750 Fours. Featuring K&N’s million-mile limited warranty, this kit also fits many late 1970s four-cylinder Kawasakis and Suzukis. Perfect for bikes missing their original air box, K&N’s breathe better than stock filters and last longer. Don’t want a pod-type filter? No problem, K&N also makes a direct replacement filter for 1969-1978 Honda CB750s. Pod filter kit, $183.01; direct replacement, $51.23. More info: K&N Filters

Barnett Clutch Spring Conversion Kits for Yamaha

When it comes to clutches for vintage bikes, nobody knows more than Barnett. Norton and Triumph owners have turned to Barnett for replacement discs for years, and Yamaha FJ1100 and FJl200 owners can too with Barnett’s clutch spring conversion kit. The kit includes a CNC precision machined billet aluminum pressure plate and six heavy-duty springs to replace the stock diaphragm pressure plate. Barnett says the result is a smoother, more controllable clutch. Installation is a “bolt-on” with no modifications required. $137.50. More info: Barnett Clutches & Cables

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment

Increasingly popular, ethanol fuel brings with it a host of potential problems including increased water and sludge in your gas tank. Star Tron says its Enzyme Fuel Treatment eliminates gum and carbon deposits that make engines tough to start or run rough. By enabling the fuel to burn more completely, it also eliminates further deposits. It also stabilizes fuel for up to two years, a real plus for motorcycles that sit unused for extended periods. One 8-ounce bottle treats 48 gallons. $7.95. More info: Star Brite

Upgraded Starter for Honda CBXs

Owners of Honda’s iconic 6-cylinder CBX will want to know about this new high output starter from Rick’s Motorsport Electrics. Featuring a four-brush permanent magnet design versus the two-brush field-coil setup of the stock unit, this starter puts out 30-40 percent more power than the standard Honda unit for faster, easier starting. This plug-and-play replacement features a billet aluminum end cap and comes with a one-year warranty. $220. More info: Rick’s Motorsport Electrics

GIVI Magnetic Tank Bags

One of the most respected names in motorcycle touring gear, GJVI offers a full line of soft luggage, including the T470 magnetic tank bag shown here. Featuring an internal plastic lining to help the bag hold its shape, the T470 is expandable from 13 to 21 cubic feet. Features include waterproof zippers, a helmet bag for when wearing as a backpack, an integrated GPS holder and removable magnets. It’s also padded and lined, and comes with a waterproof rain cover. $80. More info: GIVI USAMC

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