New Stuff for Old Bikes

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Rust Reaper
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NEXX XR1.R Carbon motorcycle helmet
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Matchbox headlamp relay
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Motion Pro Titanium Wrenches
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Next Gen riding jeans from drayko.
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Forma Voyage Touring Boots

Rust Reaper

There are hundreds of “miracle” penetrants on the market; here’s one that actually prescribes patience as an ingredient to success! Rust Reaper provides detailed instructions with its penetrant/lubricant emphasizing the need to methodically work penetrant into stuck parts to free them. We’ve been experimenting with Rust Reaper on some of our projects. We’re impressed with how well it works, and the company has recently introduced a handy applicator for drive chains, perfect for motorcycles. $5.75 and up. More info:

NEXX XR1.R Carbon

If you’re looking for a light helmet, NEXX-USA says its new XR1.R Carbon full-face helmet weighs 2.64 pounds, about a quarter of a pound less than a standard XR1.R and easily a full pound lighter than the average helmet. The XR1.R Carbon is ECE and DOT approved, and features NEXX’s “CoolMax” fabrics in the removable and washable lining to wick moisture away. Anti-noise cheek pads keep it quiet, and two air inlets and four outlets keep your head cool. $599. More info:

Motion Pro Titanium Wrenches

OK, so nobody really needs an ultra-light titanium wrench, but the moment you put one of these beauties in your hand, you’ll want one. Made from tool-grade titanium alloy, they weigh less than a quarter of a standard steel wrench. And because they’re titanium they’ll never rust or corrode. Downside? Decidedly pricey, they’re also not as strong as forged steel. Available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm and 14mm sizes. $18.99 and up. More info:

Forma Voyage Touring Boots

Italy’s SDE Motorsports, best known in the U.S. for its Forma racing boots, has announced a new line of touring boots, including the Voyage, a mid-priced waterproof boot made with nabuk leather (looks like suede but made from the outer side of the hide for more strength). An oil-resistant rubber sole is combined with a leather heel. There’s also a wear pad for the gear shifter, and an anti-shock midsole plus anti-bacterial replaceable footpad. Price to be announced. More info:

drayco Riding Jeans

Draggin’ Jeans Australia (not to be confused with Fast Company Draggin’ Jeans U.S.) is bringing its Kevlar crafted riding apparel to the U.S. The company’s line of clothing includes Kevlar gloves, jackets, shirts and the new Next Gen seamless jeans. Unlike traditional Kevlar jeans with heavy seamed Kevlar panels, the lining on Next Gen jeans is crafted without visible seams for a more traditional jeans appearance for the person who doesn’t want to look like they’re wearing riding clothes. CE approved for abrasion, burst and tear resistance. $245. More info:

Matchbox Headlamp Relay

Headlight dim? Old motorcycle headlamp switches rob headlamp voltage due to dirty and poor switching contacts — a 15 percent drop in voltage can result in a 50 percent reduction in light output. A headlamp relay retains the original switch, but the main voltage passes straight from the relay to the lamp, eliminating voltage drop. The Matchbox relay fits inside most headlamp shells and comes with an excellent, fully detailed installation guide. 6-volt, $49.95; 12-volt, $35.95. More info:

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