Rolling Stones Exhibitionism Helmets by Davida

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What a great honour to receive the commission to design and produce a range of Davida helmets for the new Rolling Stones Exhibitionism at the Saatchi Gallery in London, and to join the ranks of the many legendary artists who have produced work for the band during their 50-year music career.

Using traditional techniques and all by hand, these special helmets are manufactured and painted in the Davida factory in Merseyside, using the Rolling Stones iconic Classic Tongue logo, both in the original red “Tongue and Lips” design and in the new Exhibitionism colours.

The Davida Jet helmet is handmade in the U.K., with a full leather-lined interior and approved to the highest European standard ECER22-05 for the road and ACU Gold Label for the racetrack. All Davida helmets are beautifully painted and finished in their factory in Birkenhead looking over the River Mersey to Liverpool, a real music city, motorcycles and rock and roll have been the foundations of Davida since the Stones’ “It’s Only Rock and Roll” album in 1974. As the only U.K. motorcycle helmet producer, Davida is a British Institution in classic motorcycle helmets, a great choice for the Stones.

Together, the Rolling Stones Classic Tongue logo and the Davida open-face helmet, both now so iconic, create a beautiful-looking helmet which emanates the Classic British Attitude for which they are both known.

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