Silkolene PRO CHAIN Full Synthetic Chain Lubricant

Silkolene PRO CHAIN Full Synthetic Chain Lubricant

PRO CHAIN is a fully synthetic chain lube incorporating a micronized laminar solid lubricant which, combined with advanced synthetics, gives outstanding lubrication performance. Developed, with cooperation of Factory WSB Race Teams, for use in road racing to withstand the heat and pressure applied to chains under extreme conditions. PRO CHAIN is equally suitable for both street, Off-Road bikes and ATVs using standard or O’ring chains. Applied sparingly to the inside of the chain,  PRO CHAIN quickly penetrates the pins and bushings leaving a thin, highly protective lubricating film that sets up dry in minutes that will NOT fling off. Also, prevents sand/dirt from sticking to the chain which lengthens the life of both the chain and sprockets.

MSRP $13.49 per 14 oz. can
MSRP $8.95 per 6 oz. can

Jim Ricci Sr- Email: jimsr@jsrind.com
Jim Ricci Jr- Email: jimjr@jsrind.com

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Published on May 15, 2012

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