Six Motorcycle Glove Reviews

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Belstaff’s Rapido gloves
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Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlet gloves
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Hugger Glove Company's Classic Gauntlet gloves
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REV’IT!’s Club H20 gloves
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Aerostich's Vee Wipe Squeegees
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Spidi’s Spirit gloves
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TourMaster’s Gel Cruiser gloves

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1. Though Belstaff’s Rapido gloves are a little wild for our particular tastes, they definitely make you feel safe (even if you also feel a bit like RoboCop). Made of leather, they feature molded knuckles, side palm reinforcement, silicone grip on the thumb and forefinger, cooling vents on the front of three fingers, and both a hook-and-loop wrist adjuster and a double-cuff adjuster. Available in black and red, the Rapidos we sampled broke in quickly and comfortably. The look and feel is a bit “boy racer,” but if you still happen to ride like one, you’ll appreciate the extra protection they offer. The double cuff is a little cumbersome, but they secure over your jacket sleeve nicely. Price: $79.
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2. Possibly the slickest looking gloves here, REV’IT!’s Club H20 gloves are great for touring, offering a breathable and waterproof membrane that keeps hands dry while allowing moisture to evaporate. The tri-fleece inner lining adds a soft and comfortable feel to the gloves, and a bit of insulation for colder conditions. The outer shell is buttery-soft goatskin, and though the insulation makes them a bit warm for summer’s hottest days, these are very attractive gloves for the other nine months of the year. Price: $79.99.
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3. Straight from Hugger Glove Co. come these lined Classic Gauntlet gloves. Made of premium waterproof Technaline leather, they feature a padded palm, elasticized wrist, and Hugger’s Wonder Dry Insert, a material the company claims “absorbs moisture from the palm and releases it when the gloves are at rest.” We found that the insert works great at keeping your hands from getting sweaty, but in 90-degree-plus weather they still get hot. But on cooler days, these gloves are a prize. Their plush liner, supple leather and great fit make them a favorite right out of the package, and at less than $50 a pair, they’re a bargain too. Price: $46.
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4. These Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlet gloves feature an elkskin palm for durability and effective protection and deerskin in other areas for lightweight comfort. Knuckle padding adds impact protection and an adjustable gauntlet seals your sleeve cuffs. The wrist is secured with both an elasticized gaiter and a hook-and-loop strap. For added utility and safety, the left thumb has a visor squeegee sewn in. Comfortable and surprisingly soft right out of the package, these should wear very well. This is the longer (gauntlet) version of the Elkskin Roper gloves, which are worn by all California Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officers (and many other departments) for 8-10 hours a day, a testament to their comfort and durability. Available in natural/tan, natural or black, and also available with wool insulation if you’re the type that likes to ride regardless of how bad the weather gets. Price: $64 ($98 insulated).
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5. Spidi’s Spirit gloves are a lightweight, non-insulated touring glove. Made of top grain Italian leather, the gloves are lightly vented (with just a few holes on the tops of the fingers). They also feature knuckle padding, a Velcro closure with an elastic band at the wrist, and a short gauntlet to cover the skin between your gloves and jacket. So far we’ve been very impressed by these gloves, which began forming to the shape of our hands after just a few miles of riding. A wonderful all-around piece of gear. Price: $59.99
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6. TourMaster’s Gel Cruiser gloves feature padded knuckles, gel palm padding to absorb vibration and an elastic wrist with a leather and Velcro closure strap. Their Armor-Link mesh ventilation panels run down both sides of each finger and up the outside of the thumb. Two small panels also run across the top of the hand. All together, these panels do a great job of keeping your hands cool and dry, even when temps top 100 F, and the gel palms help stymie a bit of vibration as well. They required no break-in, and may very possibly be the perfect summer glove. Price: $31.95.
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Vee Wipe Squeegees from Aerostich: Though several of us around here find riding in the rain to be strangely therapeutic (we’re strange, we know), it’s only enjoyable with the right gear. A good rain suit and waterproof boots and gloves are a must for such a task, and the addition of one of these little suckers finishes the package. Perfect for wiping nasty road spray off your faceshield, these are the perfect addition to your tankbag collection o’ goodies. Worn on the thumb or index finger of your left hand, they come in a three-size pack to fit all hand sizes and glove thicknesses. Contains one each: S, M and L. $11.
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Five signs you need new gloves
1. You’ve lost your old riding gloves. Again.
2. You went asphalt-sledding in your last pair, and they show it.
3. You’ve worn out four pairs of the $5.99 “leather” work gloves from Home Depot.
4. You almost grabbed your wife’s gardening gloves the other day, wondering if they’d be more comfortable than the work gloves you’ve been riding with.
5. You made the mistake of putting on your nice riding gloves the last time you were working on your bike to protect your hands from the exhaust pipe while changing the oil filter. You now have one very nice, very expensive (and oily) pair of work gloves.

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