Spectro Shine Silicone Finish by Spectro Performance Oils

Use Spectro Shine on your bike to create a barrier and protect your bike’s finish from bugs, dirt, grease and more.

Reader Contribution by The Motorcycle Classics Staff
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courtesy by Spectro Performance Oils

Spectro Performance Oils has introduced a new silicone-based “Wash and Shine” spray-on finish for motorcycles that Spectro says was formulated to create a long lasting barrier for dirt and mud. Although it is a cleaner/polisher, Spectro says it works best to clean your bike first, then treat it with Shine to create a barrier to keep road grime, bugs, grease, dirt and mud from adhering to treated surfaces. If it’s like every other Spectro product we’ve used, you can bet it’ll work as claimed. $10.99/12oz. More info: Spectro Oils.

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