SYCL Batteries and More Cool Finds

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The Perfect Bungee
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Ballistic Performance Lithium Batteries
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Transitions Face Shields
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Tools for the Road
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Norton Commando Rod Bearings
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S.A.M Air Lift

Just Ducky Products: The Perfect Bungee

The humble bungee cord finally gets the respect it deserves with these neat polyurethane cords from Just Ducky Products. Available with hooked or looped ends, they’re claimed to be resistant to salt water, oil, ozone and most household detergents. They’re also designed to withstand extreme temperatures so they’ll still stretch when it’s cold and won’t flop when it’s hot. They stretch to twice their relaxed length, and the superior memory of polyurethane means they won’t lose their shape. $28.55 (eight pack) and up.

SYCL Batteries: Ballistic Performance Lithium Batteries

The latest lithium batteries from Ballistic Performance are now available from SYCL Batteries. Designed and tested in racing applications, EVO2 lithium batteries are lighter, more powerful and have twice the service life of lead-acid batteries. The 12-cell unit for bikes in the 1,000cc-plus range cranks out 410 cold-cranking amps but weighs a paltry 2.5lb and is less than 4.5 inches long and 3.5 inches deep. Non-toxic and recyclable, their “dry” technology means they can be mounted in any direction. 12-cell, $189.99.

Bell Sports: Transitions Face Shields

Like tinted face shields but hate changing back and forth from clear to tint? Check out the Bell-Transitions SOLFX face shield, which automatically adapts to light conditions, darkening when exposed to sunlight and clearing in low light. Bell claims the shield goes from fully clear to dark tint in about 10 seconds in bright sunlight. Bell’s NutraFog II coating resists fogging and scratching, and Bell says the UV-protected coatings block 99 percent of UV rays. Fits Bell ClickRelease helmets. $119.95.

Handy Industries: S.A.M. Air Lift

Designed for bikes up to 1,000lb, the S.A.M. 1000 from lift specialists Handy Industries features a drop-out panel that makes tire removal easy. Available with air or electric operation, the 330lb unit (337lb electric) features an 84in-by-24in work surface. Optional side and front extensions increase the work surface area, and an optional wheel vise makes locking a bike in place easy. An available lift dolly makes moving the lift around easy, and an available tool tray helps keep things tidy. $1,117 and up.

CruzTools: Tools for the Road

CruzTools announces two new metric tool kits, the EconoKIT M1 and M2. Both have 10mm and 12mm combination wrenches, an adjustable wrench that opens to at least 25mm, 3mm to 6mm hex keys, a 6-in-1 reversible screwdriver, a dual-size spark plug socket, cable ties, mechanics wire, WD-40, a tire pressure gauge and shop towel. The M1 has 8mm and 14mm combination wrenches, spark plug gap gauge, locking pliers and electrical tape. Zip-up pouches are 600 denier polyester. M1, $59.95; M2, $39.95.

Norton Motors Group: Norton Commando Rod Bearings

Original Norton parts supplier Andover Norton have announced the availability of newly manufactured connecting rod bearing shells for Norton 750 and 850 Commandos offering improved wear characteristics over the original equipment items. Andover says they have the high quality lead-bronze bearing substrate of the original shells, but offer a more advanced bearing surface than the original lead-indium. They now have a lead-tin-copper finish overlay for longer service life and greater wear resistance. Available in standard or 0.010in and 0.020in oversize. $55 (approx.).

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