BSA Royal Star Jumping Out of Gear

Reader Contribution by Keith Fellenstein
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Jumping Out of Gear

Q: I have a 1966 BSA Royal Star that looks just great. I bought it from the person who restored it. After I bought it, I took it easy on the old girl until one day I decided to give it a little more throttle. It jumped out of second gear, and it continues to do so every time I get on it. I have been advised that I need to readjust the clutch because the plates are dragging. I have played with Triumph engines and I have been into their transmissions before. I once had a 1951 BSA A10 Golden Flash engine and transmission all apart, but I didn’t have any transmission problems to deal with. I just replaced the bearings, seals, etc. I can’t understand what the clutch would have to do with it. If it is wear that is causing this, what would I look for and where would I look? From what I have read, I can take the transmission out without pulling the engine. I enjoy your column and would appreciate any help you could offer. — John Howlett/via email

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