Voodoo Vintage Fabrication To Release Largest Range of Vintage Style Custom Motorcycle Frame Designs in North America

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Voodoo Vintage Fabrication has built a name for their wide range of frame designs targeting the Yamaha XS500, XS650 and Suzuki LS650 platforms. Current offerings include seven base design styles spanning three engine platforms with four new frame designs in progress. Voodoo Vintage also produces “grass roots” raw steel accessories including solo seats, handlebars, license plate brackets, foot control assemblies, etc. … All featuring quality design and 100 percent TIG welded fabrication.

Four years of development have led to the expansion of their current frame designs and as of November 2012, will include prototyping the following lineup, giving Voodoo Vintage the widest range of production “vintage style” motorcycle frames in North America boasting more than 200 different frame design combinations:

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