Classic Motorcycles at the AMCA show in Rhinebech, N.Y.

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall

I got to the Rhinebech, N.Y. Antique Motorcycle show on Thursday, June 7th. This was the first show and swap meet of the Northeastern Chapters Coalition of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. Six chapters: Hudson Valley (N.Y.), Big Sandbar (Long Island, N.Y.), Colonial (N.J.), Seaboard (N.J.), Empire (N.Y.), and Yankee (New England) brought their forces together for the first time. The idea was to hold a large national meet (on the scale of Davenport, Iowa) and start a new page in history. In my opinion they exceeded all expectations.

The vendors arrived in a large group. Starting at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, we began setting the vendors up. Everything went smoother than planned and almost all of the spots were pre-sold. They brought everything you would expect at a swap meet, and more. There were all kinds of bikes, from rolling frames to perfect restorations, all for sale, and parts of every description. Some were even selling old mystery parts that the sellers could not identify. By late afternoon most were set up, selling, swapping, and trading with everyone.

Friday, June 8th, was the first official day of the meet. Vendors continued to pour in, as well as lots of bikes of all vintages being ridden and brought in on trailers. Many people got out their old bikes, started them up and rode around the fairgrounds. I thought all the antique riders were, for the most part, careful and courteous. It is great fun to see and to hear these older bikes RUN. These were beautiful old bikes dating back to the early 1900s and even 1896.

My hat goes off to Steve Barber of the Hudson Chapter. He had an idea to set up and display an Antique Motorcycle Timeline. This was an AMCA first, and it was truly a history-making congregation of motorcycles. The line began with several bikes from the late 1800s. The bikes continued in order of date of manufacture up to 1972. All I can say is that it was nothing short of SPECTACULAR. Steve had a dream and made it into a beautiful reality.

I have been to a lot of bike shows including the original Guggenheim Museum History of the Motorcycle show in New York. The Rhinebech Timeline beat them all hands down. It was great to see so many pre-war bikes on display at one time. Many of these were totally original unrestored machines. There were so many bikes I have only read about and it was a thrill to see them up close. It was truly a crowd pleaser. I hope you enjoy the following photos from this wonderful show! — George Paley, Motorcycle Classics friend and contributor.

Let the swapping begin!

Yes, friends, a 1936 Morgan Trike!

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the impressive Motorcycle Timeline.

A 1924 BSA. I’ll take it!

Is that a free Flying Merkel?

A 1904 Indian in original, unrestored condition.

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