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It may sound like an odd mix, but if you’ve ever wanted to visit the Ace Cafe, you can do it this summer without ever leaving the country. Just head to Sturgis. Yes, Sturgis.

Here’s the press release:

Dealer World Inc, publisher of American Motorcycle Dealer (AMD), Dealer World and International Dealer News magazines, as well as owner/operator of the AMD Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building, announced that it has reached an agreement with Ace Cafe London Ltd to bring the legendary gathering spot for millions of motorcyclists, the Ace Cafe, to Champions Park on Lazelle St. The Ace Cafe will be a part of the Champions Park entertainment complex along with The Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building, Champions Park vendor row and the S&S Cycle 50th Anniversary celebration.

“Our vision has always been to have Champions Park as a center of activity on Lazelle St during the Rally”, says AMD Publisher/Owner Robin Bradley. “We have always wanted to bring something to Sturgis that would be iconic for all bikers and what better than the Ace Cafe.”

Originally opened as a 24 hour road side cafe in 1938, the Ace Cafe quickly began to draw motorcyclists who would hang out, fix bikes and listen to music. The height of the site’s popularity came in the 1950’s and 60’s with the “Ton Up Boys” and “Rockers” who established the Ace Cafe as a cultural center for rock and roll and motorcycles in England. The Ace Cafe was also the birthplace of many motorcycle clubs and the legend or “record racing” were riders would race one another by dropping a coin in the jukebox and race to a certain point and back before the end of the song. The cafe was closed in 1969 due to cultural changes, growth in the car market and the expanding highway system in and around London.

Re-opened in 1997 by Mark Wilsmore, with a major refurbishment in 2001, the Ace Cafe is once again the center of motorcycling for a new generation of enthusiasts. Hosting bike gatherings, hot rod and car clubs, rock n’ roll bands and industry events such as the recent S&S Cycle X-Wedge European launch, the Ace is, once again, the motorcycling destination in England.

“We are very excited, thrilled and honored with the opportunity, in this the cafe’s 70th anniversary year, to not only be present at the world renowned and legendary Sturgis Rally, but also to be able to play our part at the prestigious World Championship of Custom Bike Building,” says Mark Wilsmore, Managing Director.

The Ace Cafe will be open the entire week of the Sturgis Rally – Sunday, August 3rd through Saturday August 9th from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Champions Park and the Ace Cafe will be located at 3rd and Lazelle St in Sturgis.

To visit the Ace Cafe’s website, go here.

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