AIMExpo 2016: Goodbye, Orlando; Hello, World

Reader Contribution by Shane Powers
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The American International Motorcycle Expo returned in grand fashion in October for its final appearance as a “stationary” event. The 2017 Expo is planned for Sept.

21-24, 2017, in Columbus, Ohio. In 2018, the Expo will be hosted in Las Vegas.

The year’s event featured product debuts from a number of industry innovators. Scorpion had on display samples of its new Birmingham line of waxed cotton touring jackets and pants. With a traditional plaid cotton lining, leather trimmed collar and lapel, armored elbows and shoulders, and ample storage pockets, the Birmingham line offers great classic styling fused with modern technology for the vintage enthusiast.

New Birmingham waxed cotton jacket features its own proprietary materials. Photo courtesy Scorpion

SENA Technologies unveiled a project that will set the benchmark for in-helmet communications going forward. Gone are the days of cubic cameras protruding from helmet tops like antennae. Gone too are the boom mics reminiscent of my great-aunt and uncle’s early ‘90s communication setup. SENA has produced the first DOT-certified, Bluetooth-capable helmet whose seemingly endless features start with integrated video and communication abilities. SENA was also showing off a noise-canceling model to protect your hearing, with an ambient mode for times when hearing your surroundings takes priority over protection from wind noise.

Sena calls its new helmet the AiO, or All-in-One Smart Helmet.

In addition to new product debuts, there was plenty for the vintage bike enthusiast, as well. From Clymer repair manuals and EMGO aftermarket parts to the drool-inducing classics at the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club booth, if you didn’t see something you liked at this expo … you must have stayed in the parking lot! One thing is certain: whether it’s in Orlando, Columbus, or Las Vegas, the AIM Expo will continue to unite dealers, manufacturers, and consumers long into the future. MC

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