Motocross Memories

Motocross legends Rickman Metisses and Dick Mann bring back memories.

Clive at Hialeah
courtesy of Clive Taylor
Clive and the bike in 1978 at Hialeah Speedway in Florida.


Living room Rickman

richman motorcycle

Image Clive Taylor

I read an article written by Bud Ekins about Rickman Metisses when I was motocross racing a stock Triumph. I had to have one. My father, while on vacation, went to New Milton, England, and bought the Mark III and had it shipped to me in Florida. I had the 1968 650cc Triumph engine from my stock race bike and I did the work. I raced motocross open class from 1968 to 1972, then flat track pro racing at Hialeah Speedway, where I got my AMA number 68. When they started TT for open class, I took the padding out of the seat, lowered the forks, added a spindle front wheel, two carburetors, a kit to make it 750cc, right side down pipes and a tachometer.

clive motorcross

Image courtesy of Clive Taylor

Clive at 26 years old racing motocross at the Deerfield track.

I raced this bike around Florida in the semi-pro class untill 1978. This bike now sits in our living room, as a motocross bike, in its full glory and is the only bike my son wants to inherit out of the 14 vintage English bikes I have.

Clive Taylor/Florida

Remembering Dick Mann

While there is much to like about Motorcycle Classics, I particularly enjoy articles by Dain Gingerelli and Alan Cathcart. His tribute to Dick Mann was comprehensive, appreciative without being maudlin, and of course, up to his usual high standards of journalism. I was a huge fan of Dick Mann and had the good fortune to see him race short track at Santa Fe Speedway, the Peoria TT witnessing one of his many wins there, road racing at the old Ontario Speedway, and the legendary half mile Ascot Park. Great Stuff. Thanks.

Terry Zeri/Bellingham, WA, Member: Washington Vintage Motorcyclists

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