Rare and Important Early Motorcycles to be Offered in Paris Auction at No Reserve

Reader Contribution by Somer Hooker
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This circa-1930 Majestic is just one of the important early motorcycles that will be auctioned at Retromobile Paris on Feb. 10, 2018.

A collection of approximately 75 mostly pre-1914 motorcycles from the collection of Pierre Guélon will be offered at no reserve at the Artcurial Auction in conjunction with Retromobile in Paris, France, on Feb. 10, 2018. In the early ’70s Mr. Guélon was disposing of some scrap brass when he happened to notice a jumble of wheels and mechanical parts. He poked and probed through the junkyard pile and discovered they were early motorcycles. He then struck a deal with the proprietors, trading his scrap for their scrap and in the process saving one of the earliest chapters of French motorcycling. His only problem was that there was “some assembly required.” They slowly figured out what went with what and the completed motorcycles were installed in his personal collection, made available to only a select few for viewing.

The 1928 New Motorcycle was the creation of Frenchman Georges Roy, who was also responsible for the 1929-1933 Majestic.

Through the years, Mr. Guélon acquired some other significant motorcycles including a Brough Superior, a Norton International, and an early Harley-Davidson V-twin with a wood sidecar. The real gems are the early motorcycles, such as the 3-cylinder Anzani and the Peugeot DeDion 3-wheeler. Some early V-twins, such as a Magnot Debon and a Terrot, are also available. One standout is the fully enclosed Majestic. In addition, some 19th century French bikes will be sold. There are National Trust limitations: Any French vehicle over 75 years of age is subject to export limitations. It’s not impossible to export them, just not guaranteed. For more information and updates go to www.artcurial.com

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