Team Obsolete Presents Historic Trophy for 2018 Classic TT

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In an effort to inspire more genuine original motorcycles to return to the Isle of Man Classic TT, New York’s Team Obsolete has created the “Renzo Pasolini Trophy” to honor one of Italy’s fiercest pilots. This is to be awarded annually to the top placing ORIGINAL Italian motorcycle in the Classic TT.

Tuner/collector Rob Iannucci, head of Team Obsolete, has created this trophy using four original pistons from Renzo Pasolini’s Benelli 16-valve, seven-speed 350/four on which he placed 2nd in the 1968 Junior TT, behind Agostini’s MV “Triple.”

The Isle of Man’s Classic TT is the premier Historic road racing event in the world. We are truly honored to support it.

Many thanks to our sponsors: AVON Tyres, Vanson Leathers and Redline Oils.

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