Looking into the Hourglass: Keith Campbell's Motorcycle Collection

Vintage motorcycle racing legend Keith Campbell gives us a tour of his "barn" filled with timeless bikes.

| November/December 2016

Nestled deep in the North Georgia foothills, down a winding country road outside a town called Homer, lies the hidden gem of a classic and race bike collection owned by a local legend in vintage motorcycle racing.

That legend is Keith Campbell, who has not only amassed an outstanding assortment of timeless motorcycles, he has preserved many of the bikes he and his son, Kyle, raced. Humbly referring to himself as simply an “enthusiast,” Keith nevertheless has achieved much in the sport, both in riding and racing.

Enjoying a serene retirement from racing as well as the automotive business — “what paid for my motorcycle habit,” Keith quips — he now devotes his energies to maintaining his impressive collection, riding the bikes whenever possible (every bike in the collection runs and gets ridden), and aiding Kyle in his own venture, Hourglass Cycles.

I visited Keith recently at his “barn” as he calls it, stunned at the incredible array of two-wheeled history under his roof. He sat down for a few minutes with me to share his love of motorcycles, his racing years, the bikes he owns and the legacy now being continued by Kyle.

Keith’s current collection holds 50 motorcycles, but he admits he’s had as many as 94. He thinned the herd, he asserts, because “I couldn’t keep them all running, didn’t have time to ride them all. So I got rid of the ones I had no sentimental attachment to.” The bikes in his collection are special, he says. “Friends, family members, memories … some of these bikes I’ve owned over 40 years, some Kyle and I have taken trips together on. The bikes I have now I am very attached to.”

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