MotoGiro-USA 2014 Date Change

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Good morning MotoGiro-USA fans. Due to a very exciting change of schedule in the USCRA racing division, we have changed the date for the 2014 Fall MotoGiro-USA. The new date is set back a week to Sept. 26, 27 and 28. Please mark your calendars. We hope this gives you time to adjust your days off to attend this Fall MotoGiro-USA.

More information will be released on the fall event post MotoGiro-East in the Catskills coming up in May.

The MotoGiro-East is directed by Jack Cole & Ray Bennett brought to you by Bennett Motors and Brooks Leathers. Questions about these changes can be submitted to

For more information on MotoGiro-USA and the USCRA Vintage Motorcycle Racing, please visit

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