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Dave Roper with replica 1911 Indian racer at the Isle of Man in 2011. Photo by Ken Richardson.

The countdown is on for the 2016 Motorcycle Classics Isle of Man Tour. If you’ve been thinking of joining us, now’s the time to start finalizing plans for a very special classic motorcycle tour Aug. 24-Sept. 2, 2016. We’ll start in London, England, then ride northwest to Heysham on the Irish Sea where we’ll catch the ferry to the legendary Isle of Man for the 2016 Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling and Classic TT races.

The 10-day tour will be led by seasoned tour planner and vintage motorcycle enthusiast Eligio Arturi of Mototouring in Milan, Italy, with Motorcycle Classics editor-in-chief Richard Backus riding shotgun. You’ll get to choose from a selection of motorcycles, and you’ll have the chance to ride most of the bikes available as Eligio encourages riders to swap bikes during his tours so they can get a taste of what it’s like to ride everything in the Mototouring stable. It’s a unique opportunity that makes a Mototouring tour very special.

Bikes lined up for our classic tour so far include a bevy of Benellis with two 6-cylinder 750 Sei models on hand, a pair of Moto Morini 350 Sports along with one of the last Morinis, a 350 K2, plus a BMW R60/5, Honda CB500 Four and CB750 Four and others.

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