Neale Bayly Rides to Premier June 9

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Editor’s Note:
Regular readers of Motorcycle Classics will be familiar with motorcycle journalist Neale Bayly’s regular contributions to the magazine. An accomplished rider and writer with years of experience in the saddle and behind a camera, Neale has ridden in just about every corner of the earth and with some of the most famous and gifted motorcyclists in the world. A few years back Neale teamed up with Dennis Gage of
My Classic Car fame to produce a series for Speed TV called Trippin’ on Two Wheels. For the past few years, Neale has focused his efforts on bringing attention to the plight of orphan children in Peru, working to help the Hogar Belen orphanage outside Moquegua, Peru, rebuild following a devastating earthquake in 2001. The children of Hogar have been living in temporary accommodations ever since. Neale has been trying to fix that. Along the way he was inspired to bring other riders with him to help, and he’s turned their riding and their work at Hogar into a new series for SPEED, Neale Bayly Rides Peru. We hope you’ll watch and that you’ll support Neale’s continuing efforts.

Neale Bayly Rides to Premier June 9

Please help us spread the word by sharing this with your friends and facebook friends so we can get as many people as possible watching the show, as we take our riders to see the kids at Hogar. They faced some serious challenges, from sand storms in the desert to thick, freezing fog at 14,500 feet up in the Andes and long, hard days in the saddle. They all did just fine, and our build team did an amazing job at the orphanage renovating the bakery. And everyone made it home in one piece. Just.

We hope to have the Wellspring Outreach website upgraded by the time we go to air and have our fingers crossed it will produce some serious donations to allow us to build a new home for these kids. We will be clearing the old earthquake-damaged home in the next few months to prepare the site for building, so we hope our time is good here.

For those close enough to Charlotte, NC, Blue Restaurant will host an evening event on May 10th to meet with wine expert Mark Oldman, and there will be a silent auction at the end to raise some money for Wellspring. He will be bringing signed copies of his book, also. Further, we will have a big party Thursday May 30th to kick things off, so please check the facebook page for details and we hope you can attend. We will also have a motorcycle party at BMW of Charlotte June 29th after the series has run the first time, with a live band, etc.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Neale Bayly

Supporting the abandoned children of Moquegua, Peru.

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