The Road Ahead

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall

The time has come. The Motorcycle Classics blog, tenatively titled The Classic Life, is alive.

We’ve been itching to get this thing going for quite a while, and we’ve talked about all kinds of great ideas for things we hope to share with our readers.

We’re hard at work on the March/April ’07 issue, and we look forward to giving you an inside view into what’s coming up in future issues.

This will also be a forum for all sorts of things we’d love to cover in the magazine, but that never seem to fit. It will also be a place where you’ll get to see and hear about some of the obnoxious projects our editors and friends always seem to find themselves entagled in.

We hope to update the blog at least once a week, especially during these winter months. After all, if you can’t be out riding motorcycles, at least you can be inside reading about them!

– Landon Hall

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