National Motorcycle Museum Celebrates 30th Anniversary

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The National Motorcycle Museum, based in Birmingham, is celebrating 30 years since opening its doors in 1984.

To celebrate 30 years of the National Motorcycle Museum, a number of different events will be held at the museum throughout the year, including screenings of key British races, such as the GB MotoGP, and a pop-up art gallery, A Celebration of the Motorcycle, featuring work from artists, art students and local school children.

A venue showcase event will also be held, which will see corporate event bookers, agents and wedding planners visit the museum to find out what the in-house team can offer. Visitors will have the chance to see and hear the Mighty Wurlitzer organ which rises out of the stage floor in the Imperial Suite. The 30th anniversary festivities will carry on throughout 2014, ending the year with themed Christmas parties.

For a short history of the museum, and more information about the celebrations, please click here.

We’re still looking for artists to contribute to ‘A Celebration of the Motorcycle’, a pop-up gallery which will be held at the museum for 6 months, from June. The gallery will include 30 selected pieces, and buyers and galleries will be encouraged to attend to purchase the artworks, with 100% of proceeds going to the artist. Artists will also gain recognition amongst local and national press from taking part in the gallery. Artists of all ages, and specialism are welcome to contribute. If you are interested in contributing a piece to the gallery, please send an email to

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