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VX-Pro4 by Arai Helmet

This family-owned Japanese company has handcrafted premium helmets for car racers and motorcyclists for decades. Their latest offroad lid is the VX-Pro4. Purposefully devoid of fancy aero aids or edgy shapes, the VX-Pro4’s smooth, organic shape reduces the chance of the helmet snagging on the ...

Corsair-X IOM 2016 by Arai Helmets

 Arai Corsair-X Isle of Man 2016 helmet. Photo courtesy AraiIntroduced in 2015, the Corsair-X replaced Arai’s previous top of the line Corsair-V. At first blush it looks similar, but inside and out there are significant changes that make this the best Arai yet. First up is a new face shield ...

Arai Announces Innovative Pro Shade Visor System

(Allentown, PA) – Arai Helmet, Inc., makers of world class, handmade helmets for more than six decades, is excited to announce the all-new Pro Shade System, an innovative, easy-to-use visor accessory that will benefit street riders of all disciplines, from commuters to long-distance ...

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