VX-Pro4 by Arai Helmet

The Arai VX-Pro4 helmet was designed for safety in mind, with smaller exterior dimensions and smooth shape, but is also comfortable.

courtesy by Arai

This family-owned Japanese company has handcrafted premium helmets for car racers and motorcyclists for decades. Their latest offroad lid is the VX-Pro4. Purposefully devoid of fancy aero aids or edgy shapes, the VX-Pro4’s smooth, organic shape reduces the chance of the helmet snagging on the ground in a crash, thus reducing the chance of imparting rotational forces to the brain. Using a single multi-density EPS inner liner, instead of dual concentric inner liners of some competitors, keeps helmet exterior dimensions smaller, further reducing torque transfer in a fall. The shell is hand laid-up with proprietary fiber belts, which are designed like a car unibody to channel impact loads most beneficially. As usual for Arai helmets, comfort is simply top-notch. $610 to $750. For more info check out Arai’s website.

Published on Jun 10, 2019

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