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Found on eBay: 1981 Honda CBX Super Sport

This week's eBay wandering led us to one of our favorite big "touring" bikes. Though some Honda purists prefer the earlier, more powerful models without all the bodywork, we've always loved the sport-touring guise of the 1981 and 1982 CBX Super Sports, which came with the fairing and hard ...

The Bike That Fits (aka my BMW R60)

In the back of Alison's shop sits her first bike, a 1975 BMW R60/6.I just finished re-reading Peter Egan’s column in the June 2007 issue of Cycle World and chuckling to myself. I like Peter’s stuff. Irreverent, unpretentious and sometimes very savvy. In case you haven’t read this ...

Found on eBay: 1967 Ural M62 with Sidecar

Fall has come and gone, and unless you live in a very warm climate, there's a chance you've seen snow on the ground already. And though, for many, snow on the ground means no motorcycle riding, there is one (fairly) sane way to keep riding through the winter: get a sidecar.Though by no means ...

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