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1970-1973 Norton 750 Roadster Common Commando

Claimed power: 56hp (1972 Combat 65hp) @ 6,500rpm Top speed: 116mph Engine: 745cc air-cooled OHV twin, 73mm x 89mm bore and stroke, 8:1 compression (Combat 10:1) Weight: (dry) 398lb Fuel capacity/MPG: 3.2gal steel tank (2.6gal fiberglass tank)/45-50mpg Price then/now: $1,479 ...

Commando Roadster Side Covers from Andover Norton

Original Norton spares manufacturer and parts supplier Andover Norton Ltd. has new British-made Commando Roadster side covers in etch-primed steel, ready for painting. The left panel includes the original specification pocket for the factory tool kit and the mounting bracket is fitted with the ...

Found on eBay: 1973 Norton Commando 850 Interstate

Norton Commandos are some the most loved and coveted of the Seventies bikes, and their prices have been climbing steadily for years. In the early Nineties it seemed you could find a nicely restored or original Commando that was ready to ride for $2,000 to $3,000. Those days, however, are long ...

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