11 New 1975 Norton Commandos Found in Belgium!

| 4/13/2010 1:23:00 PM

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Norton Commando in crate

A "brand new" 1975 Norton Commando Interstate still in its crate, one of 11 found recently in Belgium 

Here’s something you don’t come across every day: 11 brand new 1975 electric-start Norton Interstate motorcycles, still in the crate and awaiting final assembly! The horde of Nortons came to light recently following the death of the owner of Motoshop Podevyn in Aalst, Belgium. Incredibly, the bikes are just a small part of an even larger collection.

From what we’ve been able to learn, the owner of Motoshop Podevyn had quite a reputation for collecting bikes and parts, but he also collected quite a reputation for being difficult to deal with, many former customers saying he rarely let go of parts or complete bikes from the huge collection he amassed over the years.

New Nortons still in crates

Here are the other 10 Nortons, still in their original, unopened packing crates. 

8/4/2016 8:13:08 AM

Alan Decker, I'm not sure about Australia, but I bought an Interstate new in 1972. It was faster than anything but a Z1 or H2 Kawasaki. While not necessarily the most reliable bike, especially by todays standards, I did put 25000 miles on it including one 7500 mile 8 week trip. As a Motorcycle mechanic by trade since 1974 and a former Suzuki service rep I can truly say none of the bikes back then were as reliable as todays. I'd love to have my Interstate back, but for now I have to be satisfied riding my 2007 M50 and playing with my 1965 Suzuki T10 and 4 RE5 project bikes. Gerryggg

8/2/2016 9:17:05 PM

I just looked at the parts fiche on Bike Bandit and it looks like the adjuster is a locknut and threaded adjuster, similar to the ones used on old Triumphs, only metric sized. A little searching found this link at Motion Pro: http://www.motionpro.com/product/08-0586

8/2/2016 4:39:47 PM

Speaking of Hondas, found a rolling basket 650 Nighthawk, 1982 for $50 last year. Had it running in a few weeks, found super nice oem parts on ebay, looks sharp, rides proper, but I need a tool for adjusting tappets, pt #07908-323000, any ideas? I called a couple dealers, pt # too old, don't stock. I' be watching for a '75 Norton Interstate rolling or any type basket for a project soon. I gave away a Triumph Trident basket when I moved, years ago, boo-hoo.

alan decker
10/12/2010 1:18:40 AM

well i bought a brand new 750 interstate commando blue metalflake fast back did 11,900 miles and blew a bottom end, the exhaust rings at the heads had to be wired to stop them from undoing and falling off the head. i could not keep with the new then cb750 honda K1 and the honda was always double up....man i was disappointed with my english legend, i bought it at Stanco,s in Elizabeth st 1973 for $1,800 as it happened i went on to become a contracted rider for you know WHO Honda Australia ...weird hey.....Alan Decker

8/12/2010 10:23:40 AM

hah! !a few got fooled here! the 1975 Norton is one of the most reliable bikes ever- i have one - bought it in 1988 as a rolling basket, havent had to put much of anything on it in 22 years, this was a most amazing find -- earlier Nortons? more troubles

5/2/2010 11:32:53 PM

Wow -Some of you are real haters. I thought the biker community welcomed individuals. What happened to open minds and respecting differences of opinions. The bikers you write about could be the guy who stops to help you out on the road,or lends you hand at the next swap meet. Save your anger for the real enemys, not our fellow bike enthusiasts. We all have alot in common.

5/2/2010 11:18:58 PM


4/27/2010 7:42:42 AM

Ha! My buddy had an Interstate back in the seventies, he was always bumming a lift on the back of my CB750 while his Norton was being repaired. We nicknamed it the 'Intervillage' as that was just about as far as it would go before breaking down. So unless you have won the lottery or have more money than sense, steer well clear!!

big vic
4/24/2010 12:51:41 AM

i had to sign in just to comment on this,,,, rimshot,,you are an idiot for sure,,,what you ride?? a twin cam??? deuce?? or that spaceship lookin refuckindiculas vrod??? your the reason all the harley shops are full to the rafters with lookalike crap from milwaukee,,,maybe I`m wromg maybe you built your skoot or maybe you bought 1 of the 45k orangecountywestcoastbigdogpiecesofshit chops thanks for letting me add my 2 cents big vic

4/21/2010 5:00:17 PM

While I find this "find" to be mouth watering, to be fair, the prices currently being paid for "vintage" cars and motorcycles is being driven by aging boomers who've over-romanticized the vehicles of their youth, and by the plethora of events that have sprung up to give owners something interesting to do with them such as vintage racing, rallies, and shows. Truth is, there are many stories about unsold inventory such as AC Cobras and other iconic vehicles that languished at dealerships for years. That seems unfathomable now given their current value but the cold hard reality is there was a time they were simply unloved dinosaurs rendered extinct by superior products, and yes, a goodly portion of those products were from the land of the rising sun. It wasn't until enough time passed for them to be rediscovered as unique touchstones to the past that their foibles were forgiven and they achieved high-end status. I know, because I'm 53 years old and remember the "glory days" quite well, but I am also a realist and the muscle cars my brothers and I owned back in the day (as the kids like to say) were really crappy and relatively slow compared to what's being produced today. Their only saving grace is their uniqueness, character, the memories they evoke, and the events they are eligible for.

4/20/2010 9:46:40 PM

Right on, Thumper, right on!!!! My sentiments precisely re 'Rim Shot' and his insipid, inane comment.

4/19/2010 3:58:11 PM

Thumper's comments might be a little harsh, but he's right about what you posted, Rimshot. You couldn't be more ignorant about what these bikes are about (or probably anything made prior to the year 2000, much less a classic). By the way, I counted at least 5 spelling and grammatical errors in your initial post, so why don't YOU learn where to use a comma, how to use the space-bar, and basic sentence structure before YOU start flaming, you nit-wit. Better yet, why don't you go take the next year riding something with character and gain some appreciation for your bike that is "lightyears" ahead of these. No really, please--go on...

4/19/2010 12:09:02 AM

Gee Whiz Thumper,you really have your panties in a twist. We are all allowed our opinions and everybody can agree or disagree without slander. You should check your grammar and spelling before you flame the next person with an opinion different than yours.

roy vincent jr._2
4/16/2010 10:20:56 PM


4/15/2010 10:51:39 PM

Rim shot, stick to something you know about because it isn’t vintage motorcycles! Your lack of understanding about why people would want these Norton’s is the reason they make new throw away bikes. It keeps cretins of your ilk away from something classic. I can guarantee this dealer didn't sell these bikes because he really didn't want to. If you had taken a moment to actually read the accompanying article you would have perceived that. At any time in the last 35 years he had decided to dispose of these bikes he would have had a waiting line. First you denigrate the bikes and then the people who will surly buy them. That it takes a person with money and maturity to want nay to have the where with all to buy any shows you have a soul with all the depth of a pie pan, Ran over in the drive by a disposable motorcycle with out a name, just some droid number like R 6. May your head gasket develop premature failure and you side stand fail.

4/15/2010 8:26:10 PM

Guaranteed to sell for stupid prices paid by the rich or speculators. You can buy several new machines that are lightyears ahead on tech and performance,instead of one overpriced leftover. There a reason the dealer could not sell,probably couldn't, get his cost plus a margin and decided to wait for a sucker in the next century. ..

tyssen becker
4/15/2010 7:35:09 AM

Wow, wish I could get to Belguim next weekend. There are some very cool bikes here, but I wonder how and where they were stored. Most of them look like they've been underwater for years.

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