Randall Wagner’s Indian Warrior and Royal Enfield INT650

A reader shares a photo from 70 years ago of his Indian Warrior and a current photo of his newest ride: a Royal Enfield INT650.

Reader Contribution by Randall Wagner
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by Randall Wagner
Reader Randall Wagner aboard his new Indian Warrior some 70 years ago.

The first photo is me, a 15-year-old kid on a shining new Indian Warrior, my first real motorcycle. The second is me, an 85-year-old geezer on a shining new Royal Enfield INT650. During the intervening 70 years I have owned or ridden just about everything from a Hodaka Ace 90 to a Kawasaki Concours 14 across countries and continents for a million or so miles. The Royal Enfield brings me back to where I started, back to what first got me hooked on motorcycling.  A lot has changed during seven decades, but, thankfully, a lot hasn’t.

Randall A. Wagner/Cheyenne, Wyoming

Thank you for sharing your photos with our readers. That picture of you on your old Warrior is a treat. I’m glad to hear you are still riding, and that you’ve found yourself a nice bike in your new Royal Enfield. — Ed.

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