Stunning 1912 Henderson Restoration

Reader Contribution by The Motorcycle Classics Staff
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Vince Reese’s 1912 Henderson, restored by Matthew Smith of Antique
Motorcycle Works in Beaverton, Oregon.

While there were many beautiful classic motorcycles entered in the vintage bike show at the 2011 National Motorcycle Museum Vintage Rally in Anamosa, Iowa, one bike that stood out was Vince Reese’s four-cylinder 1912 Henderson. Not only was it a real treat to look at but it also ran like a top!

Matthew Smith spent years fine-tuning the Henderson’s
four-cylinder engine.

The Henderson was found complete in Washington by Mike Smith, who started Antique Motorcycle Works in Beavercreek, Ore. His son, Matthew, is the man responsible for the stunning restoration – a project that he took his time on to make sure it was done right. “Matthew worked on it for years,” says Vince. “He spent a lot of time fine tuning the engine.” Take a listen and we’re sure you’ll agree it was well worth the time:

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