1955 Vincent Amanda Water Scooter

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1955 Vincent Amanda Water Scooter

Country: Great Britain
Engine: Air-cooled single-cylinder 2-stroke
Ignition: Flywheel magneto
Power rating: 2.1 hp
Bore x stroke: 50mm x 50mm
Displacement: 100cc
Fuel system: Single slide type carburetor
Transmission: Centrifugal clutch drive to propeller
Top speed: 15mph

Better known for their high-performance motorcycles, Vincent tried to keep solvent by producing industrial engines for lawn mowers, but their most radical design was the Amanda, making them true pioneers of personal watercraft.

To improve performance, the power units were increased in capacity from the original 75cc model. First, a 100cc version of the 75cc motor, and finally a 200cc twin that was rated at 5.6 horsepower, using the same bore and stroke as the 100cc single. The 1950s were early days for glass fiber, and when exposed to the sun the hull suffered serious distortion. Vincent closed their doors soon after but they had the right idea with the Amanda, just too soon.

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