John Michael Sullivan's 1969 BSA Rocket Then and Now

Reader Contribution by Mc Staff
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Bike: 1969 BSA Rocket
Owner: John Michael Sullivan

These photos show my brother-in-law, John Michael Sullivan of Mattapoisett, Mass., on his 1969 BSA Rocket 3. The top photo was taken in 1970, shortly after he left the Army after two Vietnam tours and a short while before he began a long ride from Connecticut to the West and Southwest. The other photo was taken in 2011, after the bike was meticulously restored by the craftsmen at Razee Motorcycle Center of North Kingstown, R.I. It soon thereafter won the Best BSA trophy at the Larz Anderson show in Massachusetts. It’s worth mentioning that John actually rode the bike the 62 miles up, and the 62 back, rather than trailering it! And it’s also worth mentioning there were no mechanical problems. (Do I sound like an ex-BSA owner?)

John Stratton/Connecticut

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