Surgery, British style

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall

Quick, I need a 5/16 Whitworth, STAT! And where, WHERE, are all our Ziploc bags?

Ah, the fine art of organized destruction.

Attentive readers may remember we’re in the middle of tearing down a 1971 Triumph TR6C Trophy Special for a bit of “rejuvenation.” If you haven’t already heard about our plans for the bike, check it out in the January/February 2007 issue or online here.

Day One of the tear down has already happened. As you can see, the seat and all the painted bits are off. Next to go was the carb, the rear shocks, the pegs and various fuel and oil hoses. After a handful of engine mounts were removed, the engine made it’s way out the right side of the frame with surprising ease (even though our manual explicitly said it should come out the left side).

We’ve been careful to bag and label the majority of the parts (all except for the obvious ones) and we’ve only added a few washers and bolts to the list of needed pieces.

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