Norton Motorcycles unveils its 2012 TT contender

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Norton Motorcycles 2012 Isle of Man racer. Power is from an RSV V4 engine.

Norton Motorcycles has announced the factory’s intent to compete in the 2012 Isle of Man TT Senior race, and the development of their new race bike.

Racing is an essential part of the make-up and history of Norton, particularly competing in the Isle of Man TT races in which Norton won the inaugural race in 1907. The marque went on to be a dominate force in Gran Prix racing for much of the 20th century. As in the past, Norton makes street specific and race specific motorcycles. Often what is learned on the race track can be applied to street production, but when racing at the world class level, they are distinctly separate endeavours.

Given that the World Superbike and British Superbike series are limited to production road bikes, Norton has chosen to concentrate on ‘open’ or ‘formula’ championships such as MotoGP and TT racing which represent the pinnacle of racing technology and fan interest. It is not currently possible for Norton to compete financially with the three manufacturers that currently set the pace and formula in MotoGP racing, but the TT is the perfect re-entry setting for Norton.

Arguably the world’s most famous motorcycle race, the Isle of Man TT is hard edged genuine racing where fans are able to be mere inches from the racing action, as racers average over 130mph while attacking the more than 200 bends on the 37.7 mile course.

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