A Pristine 1976 Triumph 750 Bonneville

Reader Contribution by Scott Horr
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Scott Horr’s 1976 Triumph 750 Bonneville.

In 2003, my brother-in-law was purchasing the contents of an estate on Cape Cod. He is an antique dealer and has no interest in motorcycles, but that dosen’t make him a bad person.

He called me to say that in the estate was a motorcycle and when I asked what it was he told me it was black and said Triumph on it. He had my interest since my first bike back in 1966 was a Triumph.

He told me he had taken the bike to a shop on the Cape and told the guy to “check the bike out” and get it running if possible. If I wanted the bike I would have to pay the shop for the repairs and it would be mine. I jumped in the truck and took off for the Cape. The bike turned out to be a 1976 Triumph 750 Bonneville. Whom ever had stored the bike had drained the gas and covered the bike. There was no rust, the seat was beautiful and the shop told me all they did was change the points, plugs, oil and fire it up.

I have put new rubber on it, changed the brake lines put a new front master cylinder on it. The photo shows what it looks like today.  

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