Scott Three Inspired Car Designs

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The 986cc Scott Three inspired more than a few car engines, including DKW’s F93.
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The 986cc Scott Three.

Ironically, although only a handful of Scott Three motorcycles were built, Scott technical director Bill Cull’s 3-cylinder design went on to power a number of well-known cars. Scott’s French importer, Clément Garreau, sold two Scott Three engines to DKW. Those engines clearly inspired DKW’s 1939 900cc 2-stroke F9 triple, postwar ancestors of which powered the East German IFA 309, the West German DKW F91/F93, and the East German Wartburg car, with 1,671,121 Wartburgs made before production ended in 1991.

Scandinavian aircraft company Saab used a Scott/DKW-inspired 3-cylinder engine in the 1956 Saab 93, and British car manufacturer Morgan produced a Scott-powered 4/4 2-stroke sports car, although this was shelved. Scott also produced a prototype 1,968cc inline 6-cylinder car engine by doubling up the 3-cylinder 2-stroke bike engine. Producing 100 horsepower at 4,500rpm, it was fitted in an Aston Martin sports car! However, in spite of favorable comments from all who drove it, Scott’s 6-cylinder engine never reached production and the outbreak of World War II put an end to the project. MC

Read more about the Scott Three engine in Scott Three: A Vintage Triple Threat.

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  • Originally Published on Jan 1, 1753
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