Twin-Engined Triumph Bonneville

Reader Contribution by Richard Backus
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Steve Pieratt’s amazing twin-engined Triumph Bonneville. It’s long, but it still looks like a Bonnie.

The annual Barber Vintage Festival is always full of surprises. Interesting, odd and downright weird classic and vintage bikes seem to come out of the woodwork for this annual celebration of all things motorcycle, including machines like Steve Pieratt’s incredible twin-engined Triumph Bonneville, which Steve entered in the Motorcycle Classics Vintage Bike Show at the 10th Annual Barber Vintage Festival in 2014.

Based on a 1974 Triumph Bonneville 750 T140, Pieratt’s bike has been extensively modified to accommodate a pair of 750cc Triumph twin engines seamlessly mated together, resulting in a 4-cylinder, 1,500cc Triumph Bonneville. The two engines share a common primary drive, which couples the front engine (which has had its transmission surgically removed) to the rear engine. The rear engine retains the stock Triumph T150 5-speed box. The primary cover was created by grafting two stock covers together, welding and shaping them to the desired profile, followed by final polishing. The finished cover is a work of art and looks like it came out of the Triumph factory. A polished stainless steel plate couples the two engine case together on the right timing cover side.

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