1937 Zundapp KKS500

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1937 Zundapp KKS500.
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1937 Zundapp KKS500.
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1937 Zundapp KKS500.
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The flat-twin engine on the 1937 Zundapp KKS500.
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1937 Zundapp KKS500.
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Check out the exposed driveshaft on the 1937 Zundapp KKS500.
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Owner Marco Palmer and his 1937 Zundapp KKS500.

1937 Zundapp KKS500
Claimed power:
24hp @ 5,200rpm
Top speed: 87mph
Engine: 498cc OHV, air-cooled horizontally-opposed twin
Weight: 386lb (175kg)
Fuel capacity: 3.3gal

From road racer to plodding sidecar hack, this 1937 Zundapp KKS500 has led quite a life.

Found languishing in the South American country of Uruguay, hooked to a Steib sidecar with a pillion saddle and rack over the rear fender, the Zundapp had at one time traveled the area’s dusty hills under the control of a Mormon pastor.

Enter Florida resident Marco Palmer, the current custodian of the KKS. Born in the United States, Marco was raised in Argentina and Uruguay. Educated by Brits and Scots, he speaks English with a Dutch accent! Regardless, he’s a really decent chap with a penchant for air-cooled, flat-twin motorcycles (namely BMWs) that can be traced back to when he was just 11 years old and saw a local newspaper ad for a 1943 BMW R75. “It was $80, and I had the money, but my parents wouldn’t let me buy it,” Marco says wistfully. “I had a fancy for old motorcycles with sidecars, and that’s when my passion really started.”

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