1980 Yamaha SR500

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The British single that wasn't: Yamaha's SR500
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Yamaha SR500
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1980 Yamaha SR500

Years produced: 1978-81
Total production: 15,000 (est.)
Claimed power: 33hp @ 6,500rpm
Top speed: 96mph
Engine type: Overhead cam, air-cooled single
Weight (dry): 160kg (353lb) 
Price then: $1,898 (1980)
Price now: $1,000-$2,500
MPG: 45-60

Doug Ratliff is a happy person. Or maybe he’s two or three happy people when it comes to his 1980 Yamaha SR500.

Doug Number One believes he was born an artist. “I’ve always been into art,” he says. “My high school ceramics teacher was my idol. He set me on my course.”

Doug Number Two (sometimes known as Flash) is an aficionado of fast new Triumph motorcycles. “As a child, I gravitated to Fox minibikes. My brothers were the ‘Gasoline Alley’ kids — they were both into engines. I broke my leg at age 13 with a friend on a Honda. It healed up, and I wanted more bike. I bought a black 1978 Yamaha SR and rode it all through college.”

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