The 2009 V-Max: First Photo!

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Our buddy Paul Crowe over at The Kneeslider ( has the info V-Max lovers have been waiting for: yes, finally, a photo of the new-for-2009 Yamaha V-Max! It’s taken Yamaha quite a while to get to this point, but by our eyes, it was worth the wait!

Although thoroughly updated and complete with an  exhaust reminiscent of the vacuum-cleaner design on the first Yamaha Royal Star Warrior, it is obviously a V-Max and nothing else. Motorcycle News ( reports an expected standing quarter-mile time of under 10 seconds for the bike, as the giant V-Four engine may be larger than 1,800cc with more than 200 horsepower.

The motorcycle will officially be unveiled on June 4th, so expect more photos and info to be released soon!

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