The Honda CB750F Super Sport

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The Honda CB750F Super Sport.
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1980 Kawasaki KZ750.
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1977 Suzuki GS750.

Honda CB750F Super Sport
Years produced:
Claimed power: 58hp @ 8,000rpm
Top speed: 114mph
Engine type: 736cc air-cooled SOHC inline four
Transmission: 5-speed
Weight: 538lb (wet)
MPG: 35-45 (avg.)
Price then/now: $2,152/$1,500-$3,500

The Honda CB750F Super Sport was born out of Honda’s desire to regain its position as a motorcycle pacemaker.

When Henry Ford launched the Model T in 1908, there was nothing else like it, and the T established a design template that defined the automobile for more than a decade. The problem? Ford was still building the T in 1928, and the market had moved on. By continuing to manufacture the same basic car, Ford maximized the benefits of mass production, but at the cost of market leadership. After years of snapping at Henry’s heels, the Dodge Brothers, Louis Chevrolet and the rest streaked out front.

Something similar happened to Honda in the 1970s. The 1969 Honda CB750 Four mapped out the future for motorcycles. And like the Model T, it stayed in production for just a little too long.

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