Mike Koontz’s 1968 Police Honda CB350

One reader's letter about a police model 1968 Honda CB350 that he fixed up after purchasing it from an estate sale.

Reader Contribution by Mike Koontz
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I’m a longtime reader and subscriber of your magazine, and I am excited to write to you regarding an old motorcycle I recently fixed up.

My son and I like recently bought a 1968 Honda CB350 from a local estate sale. However, it’s not a normal CB350, and we were told from the previous owner’s brother that it’s a police model that he had imported from the U.K. Unfortunately, being that we bought it from an estate sale, we didn’t get any documentation with the bike.

The bike had been sitting for years, but was complete and in decent shape.  We cleaned it up and performed all of the maintenance the bike needed. We want to keep the bike as original as possible, even if that means leaving some patina. The bike has the CB77 style gas tank with chrome panels, long front and rear fenders, a headlight bucket with an integrated speedometer and switch for the lights, front crash bar with red and blue lights, and a rear luggage rack with a ticket box and blue light. It’s a pretty cool looking bike, and I’ve never seen anything exactly like it. From the research I’ve done, Honda made both a “K0 domestic model” CB350 that looked like this, but without the police parts, and a “P0 police model.” The CB450 and CB750 police bikes have a “P” in the VIN, but my research suggests that the CB350s never got the “P” VIN. Neither the domestic model nor P0 were originally sold in the U.S., so I’m having trouble finding out much about the bike, and would greatly appreciate any insight from readers.

Mike Koontz/via email


Please email Mike with any information you may have regarding his bike. — Ed.

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