Richard Snyder’s Kawasaki Mailbox

A reader shares his latest project, a Kawasaki mailbox and memories of a Z-1 from his younger days in the Army.

by Richard Snyder

You will likely receive dozens of responses from former, and current, owners regarding the 1973 Kawasaki Z-1 article by Dain Gingerelli. The bike is gorgeous and the stories triggered a flood of memories for me. It was 1974 (19 years old), and I was in the U.S. Army in Colorado when I got my brand-new Z-1. I loved that bike! Now I am retired with lots of time to pursue new challenges and the timing of Dain’s article couldn’t be better. I have enclosed pics of my latest project for your amusement: a 1973 Z-1 mailbox.


Richard Snyder/via email

That is something special. Readers, before you cry heresy, the tank was unusable before this process was begun. “It is actually a 1980 KZ1000 tank that was dented, scraped and rusted,” Richard says. “Milkstone cleaned it up. The front was widened and raised slightly, then Bondo’d. I didn’t really commit until I worked out a functioning door that wouldn’t slice open the mailman. The petcock is a vintage Suzuki part that I had laying around, adapted of course.” Too cool, Richard! — Ed.


Published on Jun 10, 2019

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