Cable Luber V3 by Motion Pro

Reader Contribution by Richard Backus
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Maintenance hounds know that properly lubed control cables are critical to safe and dependable riding. Up until now, the standard tool has been a fairly crude unit that seals the inner cable and housing so that aerosol lube can be pushed into the housing. It works, but it’s messy, and it seems like you end up with as much lube on the outside of the cable as the inside.

Motion Pro‘s new Cable Luber V3 takes a completely new approach to the task. Instead of clamping onto the cable, the V3 houses the end in an enclosed chamber.

First, the cable end is fed through a large port in one half of the two-piece V3. Next, a labyrinth-type molded seal is fed around the inner cable and then slipped over the cable housing. Next, the second half of the V3 — it’s large enough to accommodate end fittings — is joined to the first and screwed down tight. Once that’s done, simply insert the straw from an aerosol can of lubricant into the end of the V3’s adjustable plunger and start pushing lubricant through. Once done, push the plunger down to push any remaining lube captured in the V3 into the housing, unscrew, and you’re done.

In our tests on a throttle and brake cable it worked perfectly, the lube flowing down the housing and with no loss at the tool. There’s a very minor bit of cleanup after removing the V3, but its effectiveness and ease of use make the V3 a vast improvement over the old-style cable luber. $19.99.

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