Castor 927 Oil by Maxima

Maxima’s Castor 927 delivers the lubrication needed for racing engines and the vintage racing smell.

Reader Contribution by John L. Stein
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courtesy by Maxima

The commonality between all vintage racers must surely be love for the olfactory cocktail of race gas and castor oil. The former, to provide the octane necessary for racing engines, and the latter for its robust film strength, lubricating properties under stress, and fortitude in high temperatures. Mixed 32:1 with race gas, Maxima’s Castor 927 delivered all the lubrication needed for our racing weekend — while also delivering the best racing smell in class. (Which definitely counts, if you want the authentic vintage race experience.) Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard went on the chains after each moto; it goes on clear, creeps quickly inside the rollers, sticks rabidly and doesn’t mess up surrounding parts. Afterwards, Maxima Bio Wash made cleanup easy. $8 to $11.

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