Norton Commando Fork Seal Extension by Colorado Norton Works

A bushing/fork seal extension supplied by Colorado Norton Works aims to solve a problem commonly found on Norton Commando forks, and is easy to install.

Reader Contribution by The Motorcycle Classics Staff
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courtesy by Colorado Norton Works

Norton Commando forks are prone to “stiction” – the fork tube binds on the bushing instead of sliding. The stock bushings are an issue, aggravated by the Commando’s short fork lowers, which put a high load on the upper bushings. Colorado Norton Works now supplies a bushing/fork seal extension made with a machineable plastic bushing and replaceable two-lip seal. The CNW extension is a screw-in replacement with no modifications: simply remove the stock bushing and seal and replace the stock retaining cap with the CNW unit. Neat. $198.95.

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