HelmetBra Keeps Helmets Safe

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The HelmetBra® will hold any helmet to a passenger seat. Two sizes are available, large size for full face and full open face helmets and small size for half helmets. The HelmetBra® system uses an adjustable seat strap with heavy duty plastic seat clips that fit the bottom edge of most seats. For those few seats that do not accept the seat clips, a 36″ universal strap is included in every HelmetBra® and wraps completely around the seat. An anti-slip backing prevents the strap from moving on the seat. The bra itself is stretched over the helmet placing the bra straps through two plastic slides mounted on the seat strap. Adjustment and tightening is made with VELCRO® brand hook and loop. A safety clip is included to attach to the helmet D-ring for an added measure of safety. All straps are heavy duty 1 ½” wide. Instructions are included. Made in the USA. HelmetBra® can be purchased online for $20 plus shipping.


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