LaRyder Riding Boots by MotoBailey

Reader Contribution by Richard Backus
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MotoBailey is a relative newcomer to the world of motorcycle apparel, but their stylish, motorcycle-dedicated riding boots are generating attention for the Texas-based company. And while not the first in a growing category of retro-inspired motorcycle street boots, they might just be the best looking.

The brainchild of husband and wife team — and avid motorcyclists — Blake and Jennifer Bailey, MotoBailey boots are designed to provide protection and durability in a style befitting non-motorcycle moments like work and eating out.

Rising just above the ankle, the cut of the LaRyder boots I tried reminds me of the classic Clarks Desert Boots I used to wear, and the French leather, dyed a rich brown, is beautiful.

Importantly, there’s a lot more to MotoBailey boots than just good looks, because these really are boots made for riding. An extra leather wrap over both toes provides a shift pad whether your ride is old school European or new school Japanese. Boosting their protective capacity, they feature extra ankle protection and a heel cap sewn under their biggest safety feature, a Kevlar lining running around the entire boot.

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