Tirox 360 Degree Chain Brush

Reader Contribution by Richard Backus
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We all know we should clean our bike drive chains and sprockets regularly, but I’ll bet most of us don’t, owing to the simple fact that it’s a dirty job that’s surprisingly hard to do really well on the bike. A simple brush works OK, but really only to clean the side plates. And while there are chain-cleaning tools out there, few work as advertised.

Enter the 360° Chain Brush from Tirox. Incredibly simple, the Chain Brush is a spiral-shaped brush with a flexible, high-strength aluminum spine gripping very stiff nylon brushes. Using it is a snap. First, coat the chain with a suitable cleaning agent (most chain manufacturers suggest kerosene), then expand the Chain Brush a bit before rolling it onto the chain.

It takes a little effort, as it is a tight fit. Next, expand the brush even farther to tighten its contact to the chain. Holding the brush, spin the wheel to pull the chain through the brush making at least three passes, then reverse direction and spin again. Pull the Chain Brush off, rinse and dry the chain, lube it, and that’s it. It’s still a dirty job, but this tool really works. Price: $12.95.

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