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Reader Contribution by Richard Backus
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Bikes without a centerstand are at a serious disadvantage when it comes time to clean or adjust the final drive chain because there’s no easy way to get the rear wheel off the ground. A small hydraulic jack sometimes works — if there’s enough room and you can find a solid purchase on the frame — but typically it’s an exercise in frustration.

A nifty solution comes courtesy of Tirox Products and the SnapJack V2. Designed to simplify chain and wheel maintenance on bikes without a centerstand, the SnapJack is an extremely simple tool. First, lock the front brake handle with the included hook-and-loop locking strap. With the bike on the side-stand, position the SnapJack 3-4 inches away from the side of the rear tire. Place the cradle up against the swingarm with the upper leg at about a 30-degree angle to the lower leg, then push against the top of the lower leg of the SnapJack to lift the bike, followed by inserting a locking pin to hold it in place. That’s it. An aggressive cleat at the bottom keeps it from sliding on most surfaces, and it comes with an anti-skid pad for working on smooth or painted concrete. Adjustable, it has a total extension of approximately 12 inches at its shortest and 13.5 inches at its longest. I tried it out on my son’s quasi-café’d 1972 Honda CB350 that he’s running sans centerstand, and it worked perfectly. Of note, I found that the closer I positioned it to the rear wheel axle, the better it worked. Used in conjunction with Tirox’s innovative 360 Degree Chain Brush (Test Ride, January/February 2018), it made chain maintenance a breeze. Suggested retail: $51.95.

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