Yamaha 2-Stroke Leak-Down Tester

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Two-stroke specialists HVCcycle have introduced a new leak-down test kit designed for the Yamaha RD350, RD400, R5 and DS7. The kit includes a gauge, exhaust port plugs, intake plugs and a hand squeeze bulb — no external air source is needed. The gauge is very sensitive, so even the smallest leak will be immediately obvious. The exhaust port plugs are quality metal/rubber pieces, making blocking off the exhaust ports easy. The kit is complete with instructions and packaged in a neat little case for storage. Pressure is in HG but a conversion card to PSI is included. If you are having a tuning issue or have just pulled an old Yamaha RD out of long-term storage, a leak-down test is key!!

Note: This kit is designed for the stock intake manifolds and stock size exhaust ports. If you have larger intakes or modified exhaust ports this kit will not work.

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