1977 Yamaha XS650D

Reader Contribution by Keith Fellenstein
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Yamaha intake question

Q: I’m in the process of restoring two 1977 Yamaha XS650Ds. Upon
attempting to synchronize the carburetors on one of the bikes, I noticed that
there are rubber plugs or “reducers” going from the air filters to the intake.
There is nothing in the Clymer service manual that shows these. My question is,
what do they do and are they needed? Do I leave them in when I connect my
vacuum gauges? — Ron Wandler/via email

A: I’m not sure
this is the part you’re talking about, but there are intake silencers that fit
inside the air cleaner elements that are specific to the D model and not found
in the E and F model. Their purpose is to quiet down the intake roar. This was
done to reduce the overall noise level the bike produced from intake and
exhaust noise. Since they were eliminated on the models following yours you can
probably remove them with no ill effect other than that satisfying sound you
get when you open the throttle. If you take them both out it shouldn’t affect
your synchronizing efforts. I’m guessing a previous owner of the bike that is
missing them liked the intake sound without the silencers. MC

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